• Gabrovo

About us

The ASSOCIATION "RADIO CLUB TU-GABROVO" is a legal non-profit entity registered by a group of enthusiasts as of 08.03.2002. The main goals of the association are:

  • to unite efforts and coordinate the interests of individuals for the development of radio amateur movement;
  • to assist in enhancing the professional and sports-technical training of its members;
  • to represent its members at the International Amateur Radio Union and the National amateur radio organizations;
  • to represent and protect the rights of its members before government bodies and other organizations in Bulgaria.
  • to disseminate radiotechnical knowledge, to propagate ham radio and to create conditions for its mass spread;
  • to participate in conducted sports and other representative events of international, national and regional levels;
  • to organize and conduct amateur sports competition activities;
  • to help their members to acquire a higher radio amateur class;
  • to carry out information and publishing activities on the problems of the radio amateur movement;
  • to build ham radio devices, radios, repeaters, radio beacons and other for use by radio amateurs and their maintenance.


Financial means achieving the association's objectives shall be:

  • membership fees from its members;
  • purpose funds, voluntary contributions, donations, bequests, sponsorships;
  • other sources.